Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brian B.

(Note for teacher: I haven't worked with citations in a while but I'm sure you'll let me know where I need to make adjustments if necessary.)

I want to take a moment to discuss quantum entanglement with you.  You can find an exact definition here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_entanglement) at Wikipedia, and I suggest you read it before you continue if you are not familiar with the term.  What is so fascinating about quantum entanglement is that it occurs on microscopic levels, but scientists are finding that it is universal in scope, even being capable of occurring at universal distances! Not only that, but its effects are such that it can actually have an impact on large-scale systems, which is a truly mind-blowing concept.  While studying quantum physics and entanglement, I began to wonder if one of these large-scale effects could be the entanglement of people, thus explaining certain unexplained phenomena, such as unrelated twins.  I am actually interested in making an art project based on this concept.  I found a book by author and scientist Dean Radin called "Entangled Minds," and after reading through it briefly I found a part that discusses related twins' experiences that could be an effect of quantum entanglement in people.  In the experiments discussed, a pair of natural-born twins are separated and studied simultaneously.  One twin is exposed to a bright pulsing light which triggers a certain part of the brain to fire off, which is then recorded.  The interesting part is when they found that the other twin, being in a different location but at the same moment, showed brain activity indicative of the other twin's experience, when there should have been none.  These experiments have been performed recently by author Guy Lyon Playfair (http://paranormal.about.com/od/espandtelepathy/a/Twin-Telepathy-Best-Evidence_2.htm) if you want to look him up and learn more.

What I am wondering is if physically similar twins that are not born together naturally may also share these experiences, or if their physical likeness may be a result of quantum entanglement occurring in a natural, developmental way, say perhaps when the particles comprising the DNA of different become entangled through some sort of interactions, if one might have an effect on another at a distance and determining the physical outcome of the children.  Just a thought.

Other possible explanations could be inevitability, seeing that we all probably originated from the Fertile Crescent in Africa, an idea explored and promoted by scientists like J.P. Noonan, M. Hofreiter, Jared Diamond and others, however, due to genetic mixing and global diffusion, we simply popped up in different places looking the same.  Perhaps for natural born twins, the direct link in physicality at birth is the key determinant.  But regardless of an obvious twin-state, could we all be linked simply by interaction?

 Many of us have often wondered if we might all be linked together through some mysterious connections, and one of the earliest of these explorations in thought can be found here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noosphere).  It was this line of thinking that has eventually led us to the formation of The Global Consciousness Project (http://noosphere.princeton.edu/intro_bottom.html), which explores other possible aspects that branched off from the Noosphere phenomenon presented by Vladimir Vernadsky.  I first read about Vladimir in an amusing book called "Apocolypse 2012: A Scientific Investigation Into Civilizations End."  But it is interesting to think that we may all by psychically linked together.  Perhaps this is simply a hope proposed and pursued by idealists with a soft-spot for their fellow man, but the numbers and findings coming out of the research being done are somewhat alarming and warrant further thought and experimentation with an increase in scientific rigor and an appreciation for an open mind, particularly that of artists because we tend to have a knack for making the connections between unlike things that help people to see the bigger picture around us.

So what do you guys think?

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